GLICK DESIGN STUDIO focuses on architecture, space making, and graphics. Conceptually the studio operates through design which evokes multiple readings rather than a single uniform understanding. Architecture which is conceived within its context through a series of operations becomes the driver for conceptual thinking. The primary agenda of the studio is to create innovative objects, spaces, and graphics which purposefully challenge the status quo.

Ryan is a licensed architect and professor who is interested in product design, graphics, art and architecture. As graduate of Cornell University with a Master of Architecture he was a recipient of the Richard Harold Shreve thesis prize and Eschweiler Prize for Merit and Distinction in Master of Architecture Design Studio. He is also a graduate of the University at Buffalo with bachelors of science in architecture.  In addition,  his work has been published in “Architectural Drawing: A visual Compendium of Types and Methods 4th Edition” authored by Rendow Yee. Ryan has worked at Craig Nealy Architects ,Cannon Design, and  WRT. Currently he practices at Gensler and teaches at Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

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