Evolutionary Systems

Spring 2009

Professor: Peter Stec

The programmatic constraints for this project consisted of a research facility for the study of social, biological, and technological networking. The development of a programmatic swarm as and evolutionary system was the driving force behind formal and conceptual development. 

The conception a programmatic swarm though a generation based algorithm for both formal and programmatic organizations allows for a diversified program in plan, while maintaining continuity in section. Having a diverse programmatic plan in a research  facility promotes social networking between different types of research. The continuity in section allows for the large requirement of servicing for each research typology to be integrated from floor to floor. 

The swarm responds to a specific set of constraints set forth as a premise. For example the movement laterally from one level to the next is limited to  one shift per floor. The swarm must also respond to the core circulation shafts which penetrate the building vertically.

Model Evolution

1st Floor

2nd Floor