Project Information

Academic Project: Cornell University, Fall 2010

Project Team: Ryan Glick, Elizabeth Kang

Professor: Gisela Baurmann 

Description: The semesters work  focused around the manipulation of an adaptable unit which served as the base for various formal articulations. This unit was derived from a series of diagrammatic investigation which stemmed from researching the screens from Erwin Hauer and movement diagrams.

The spatial articulation developed serves as a teen center adjacent to the existing Redhook Community Justice Center. Through our semesters work we have developed a unit of interface which evokes versatility while remaining constrained within itself as a singular object.

The mixing chamber acts as the distribution interface which serves the community center various other programs. By utilizing the unit at drastically different scales we were able to create occupiable spatial articulations which serve as the four main hubs positioned on the site,which are then stitched together using a blanketing of the units.

Conceptual Model

Study Model_ 80# Paper_10"x8"

Programmatic Diagram

site 1_16_scale.jpg

Interior Mixing Chamber