WOVEN ENVIRONMENTS     Design Competition 

Spring 2010, University at Buffalo

Ryan Glick, Laia Celma, Jeff Stewart, Ian Kaplan

The aim of this competition was to design a single family dwelling aimed at severely deprived families in Luanda. The goal of the project is to provide units that assist in poverty reduction and the provision of
adequate housing, infrastructure , health,safety, and basic services. For that purpose, the house unit needs to comply to our four self prescribed credentials. 

1-Radically economical in cost
2-Include the possibility of evolutionary systems
3- Suited to the cultural, economic and social circumstances of the area
4-Able to weave into the urban fabric of the city


This project consists of two main
strategies that intend to respond to the questions raised above. Both strategies work together in the urban and in the unit scale and they will not only enable the project to meet the essentials needed but they will provide additional values.

1-Basic Infrastructural Walls
2- Use of lightweight local materials chosen by occupants and manipulated as needed