Design Competition 2009

AWARD: 10th of 250+

This competition is part of a research project called “Crowd sourcing Public Participation in Transit Planning. The concept of this bus stop is the use of a standardized kit of parts. This allows the station to be adapted in size for various locations.

The bus stop is equipped with solar panels to make it a self sustaining structure.The front facade is positioned close to the curb to maximize safety for waiting passengers. The curved geometry prevents pedestrians from waiting to close to the street while buses arrive and depart. The station
is equipped with L.E.D information boards at both ends of the station, ticket vending located in the middle of the structure, along with a Wifi Hotspot. 

There is a ledge with outlets for waiting passengers to use and charge technology devices.The structure extends to the rear to create additional covered space for vending of food and beverages and relief from inclement weather for passing pedestrians.