Project Information

Academic Project : Cornell University, Fall 2011

Location: Roosevelt Island, NYC

Project Team: Ryan Glick , Julia Pascutto 

Professors: Peter Eisenman, Alex Maymind

In a semesters work investigating the tradition of Cornell Urban Design, our proposal addresses the development of a new technology campus plan for Cornell University on Roosevelt Island. 

Our project takes a critical approach toward the understanding the evolution of Rem Koolhaas spawning from Oswald Mathias Ungers. Analayis of precedents such as Ungers “Licterfeld” housing project for Berlin, and OMA’s Parc de la valette  were key projects by which conceptual drivers were derived.

The manipulation of gross generic form in response to the deployment into the urban condition was the key conceptual backing to the project. Ten typologies are inserted into a barcode organizational structure  to achieve a urban density. Opposed to traditional campus planning, this project functions as a city within a city. The structure of the campus acts as a filter for circulation rather having a singular circulation spine. 

Campus Plan

Basswood 1:500

Plan Evoloution

Banding Typology